Saturday, May 2, 2009

The RRP! To DIE for!

So my DH (darling husband) just surprised me with my very first sewing machine, and what do you think was my first project? You guessed it! Cloth diapers!

So I downloaded and printed out a Rita's Rump Pattern otherwise known as RRP! I pieced it together and taped it up! Really NICE pattern! Very easy to follow for a beginner and def something I can continue to improve at. I love the fact that it's a pocket, but I'm using NATURAL materials for. I made 5 diapers so far and they came out great! It's a fantastic pattern and now I'm in trouble because not only do I have the cloth love, but the sewing love too! All my money is going on fabric now I can just see it! Take a look! Not bad if I say so myself! :)

The diapers!
Reversible fabric on the other side!

All stacked up!

My daughter and action shot model!

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