Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prefolds, Prefolds, Prefolds!!!

No matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to forget my prefolds! I have the Bumgenius OS pocket diapers which is what I use at this point, but I just find myself often daydreaming about my prefolds! I think of all the different ways to fold them, the fact that a growing baby can't remove them by themselves, esp if there is a snappi involved! I just have been saying to myself that I will use my prefolds when my daughter is older, if she outgrows her Bumgenius before she's potty trained! I have 22 Bumgenius diapers so I feel that if I use my prefolds I'm wasting them. Maybe I'll use the prefolds as stuffers for my BG and let you know how that went! There are so many great cloth choices out there! Too bad my funds are not unlimited!


  1. With my first DD, we used PFs until she was reliably potty-learning. THen fitteds were the only way to tackle public restrooms and pottying. LOL. If you love the PFs, then use them! Maybe allow yourself to alternate by washload? PFs today and tomorrow, BG the next two days?

  2. I have since found the fitted love as well! I sold off all but 2 BG's! LOL

    I still LOVE my prefolds, and I've started making my own fitted pockets that I stuff with pf's! :)